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Burn it For Us

The Burn it for Us collection is an ongoing project designed to inspire critical thinking about money in specific countries. Artwork is made from currencies with a QR code that leads to a video with a message from someone who represents the central bank of that country. The digital forms of each country will be available as NFTs. However, once purchased, the holder of the NFT is encouraged to send them to countrymen by any means possible (yes, right-click saving is encouraged, because main goal is to help more people become informed about how fiat currency affects many aspects of our lives.

We would also like to circulate real currency with the QR codes, but the paper used in many types of money is not ideal for scanning and lacks longevity. 

This project presents an ideal opportunity for collaboration with other artists throughout the world. So, if you're interested, please contact me, through this site, email at, or on Twitter @firedfiat.  Upcoming countries:

  • Nigeria

  • Iran 

  • Japan

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